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  1. Kellie Frazier
    2010-06-06 @ 3:33 pm


    I go away for 1 week and what happens ? You get yourself involved in a war that will bring you more attention than any tribe would. Goodness that is hilarious… and the ‘why’ behind Jimmy picking you guys out of a crowd is likely as you said to me months ago…the branding itself is what you felt early on to be the way for people to remember you…now you know it is. NICE JOB!!! Lots of love and best wishes and OH BTW…… I DO hope that Jimmy has you on Pat….I think you are MUCH FUNNIER than he is.


    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:29 pm


      We must admit we had a great time getting involved in his little Twitter war… and it does feel like we’ve got our branding to where it really suits us.
      Lots of love back… and Lorna agrees… Pat is definitely funnier than Jimmy.
      Hey, glad you had a great time on your little vacation!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  2. Nelson
    2010-06-06 @ 6:04 pm

    We now know why you are the Coolest couple. Like the old show Biz or is it Political saying goes. There is no bad PR as long as the spell your Name right. Now if you can get Leno to promote you also.

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:30 pm


      We agree… we couldn’t have bought PR like that; and we’ve started looking into what Jay’s up to 🙂

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  3. Jeff Herring
    2010-06-07 @ 5:32 am

    Very well done and very COOL!

    ~ Jeff

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:31 pm


      Thanks so much Jeff! Appreciate you!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  4. Bill Hartman
    2010-06-07 @ 6:26 am

    That is so cool! The response back to Jimmy Kimmel should be that you are so Cool because you also Follow Back those that follow you. LOL I just checked and he follows 27 people. Now that is true love! Take the war back and watch you explode the PR.

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:33 pm


      Yeah, he doesn’t follow very many people and his absence during the actual Twitter War was duly noted by several of his followers. Maybe someone should teach him that Social Media is all about relationships 🙂

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  5. Maggie Lancy
    2010-06-07 @ 7:06 am

    I love this! It is amazing why you cannot be happy for someone rather than raging war on them.
    I call it celebrate their success!

    58,000 followers on Twitter! Cool!

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:34 pm


      I don’t think Jimmy’s heart is even half the size of yours… what a wonderful way to see things!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  6. Glyna Humm
    2010-06-07 @ 8:31 am

    Oh my gosh – that is unbelievable! I am definitely coming late to this war but I will do all I can to help:) How dare he say you are not the Coolest Couple! At least it is great PR! Thanks for putting this out there and making the rest of us aware!

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:35 pm


      Thanks so much… and so glad you could join us. You’re not late, you’re just in time.

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  7. Chester Delameter
    2010-06-07 @ 10:36 am

    This shows how important branding can be. Stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Thanks for sharing and thaks for all your gtrat info.

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:36 pm


      We have definitely found that branding does make a difference.
      Thank you for the kind words.

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  8. Curt Bizelli
    2010-06-07 @ 4:51 pm

    Coming from a publicist, This is SWEET! Kimmel doesn’t know what he’s up against; that’s the funny thing; definitely the best free publicity.
    – Curt

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:37 pm


      Very sweet… and so very cool. I don’t think he realized how much he helped us get noticed by more people and the exposure he created for us. That’s ok… we think it’s great.

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  9. Jennifer Akers
    2010-06-07 @ 6:16 pm

    Amazing, Pat and Lorna! I tweeted about you (’cause I think you should’ve won the war!) … what fantastic PR! It’s another example of your COOLNESS — Thanks for sharing it with your Tribe and followers.

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:39 pm


      Thanks so much for tweeting about us, we appreciate your support. It was fantastic PR, and we had a lot of fun with it too.

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  10. Theuns
    2010-06-08 @ 4:41 am

    Hi You Two You are really Cool 🙂

    I love it that people did take notes of you and what you do, TSA just bring Friends Together that will be friends for ever online. and so we just help one another.

    It will be like shopping , we will fist look what our friends can give us than
    go to the next big Guru online .

    You Rock Thanks


    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-08 @ 6:41 pm


      We have had so much support from our friends here at TSA, and we couldn’t have “fought” the war without all of you.
      We love the friendships we’ve created here, they will be with us for a long time to come.

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  11. Julie Elliott
    2010-06-08 @ 10:07 pm

    What a great journey you both are on and to be mentioned on Jimmey show. That is awesome. Congradulations

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-11 @ 8:24 pm


      Thanks so much for the congrats! We love the journey we’re on and being on the show was an interesting and very COOL experience.

      And… so very cool on the successful results of your weight loss journey. Great job, and we love the approach you’re taking.

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  12. Joanna Sayers
    2010-06-09 @ 5:33 am

    I have been amazed by how successful social media is as a marketing and public relations tool .. you guys prove that it’s not just a ‘one off’. Keep up the great work’re definitely the Coolest Couple! 🙂

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-11 @ 8:27 pm


      Thank you so much. Yes, social media is a very powerful marketing and PR tool… and we were quite blown away by being on Jimmy’s show.

      Now if only we could convince Jimmy that we’re cooler than Bob and Doug!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  13. Paul Klaszus
    2010-06-10 @ 2:04 pm

    What I like most about this – is that Kimmel started the whole thing…

    Is this a public display of how stupid he is for thinking he could ‘take on’ the coolest couple… or more of a testament of goodhearted well-wishing soul that feeds on building someone else up.

    Whether he meant to or not, he built you up!

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-11 @ 8:29 pm


      We may never know Jimmy’s true intentions on why he started this whole thing, however we are so very grateful he did.

      We’re definitely not looking this gift horse in the mouth.

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  14. Karla Bond
    2010-06-11 @ 7:02 am

    Go kick some Kimmel butt! Can’t beat the free PR keep riding the wave!

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-11 @ 8:30 pm


      We’re keeping the vigil going… and still working on kicking his butt.

      Surf’s up!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  15. Darlene Davis
    2010-06-11 @ 12:45 pm

    Amazing, Pat and Lorna! There is a ton of power in personal branding, and you have done a superb job of standing out in the crowd. Kudos to you for a job well done!

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-11 @ 8:32 pm


      Thanks so much… branding is so huge and we’re really having a lot of fun doing it too!

      We seem to have picked a good brand…

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  16. Steve Dimmick
    2010-06-11 @ 1:27 pm

    Pat & Lorna – this is awesome!
    My questions is: what will Jimmy do when you surpass him again in Twitter followers?
    The battle has just begun 😉

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-11 @ 8:33 pm


      That would be so interesting to see. When we do surpass him (and we will) then we can check out what his response will be.

      Bring it on Jimmy!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  17. Edward
    2010-06-12 @ 4:52 am

    Hey Pat & Lorna,

    This is so awesome. Big congrats to you guys for your success.
    You should definitely be on the show and starting one of your on ustream channels would be amazing. I would be tuning in to watch for sure!
    Keep on being COOL and ROCKIN it.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-15 @ 8:02 pm


      Thanks so much for the congrats, really appreciate it.
      And it’s so cool to know we’d have at least one fan!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  18. Lori Robertson
    2010-06-12 @ 7:23 am

    Pat and Lorna, I think this is so cool, did not know we had celebrities in our tribe 🙂 This is so awesome. Keep up the great work you are doing.


    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-15 @ 8:03 pm


      Thanks so much!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  19. John Counsel
    2010-06-13 @ 11:41 pm

    I suspect the real reason for Jimmy’s reaction was envy gone overboard (or EGO for short).

    None of this addresses the issue of who it is that’s following both contenders. Personally, I’d rather be followed by people wanting to learn than by people slavishly doing what they’re told by a TV personality.

    Good for you both… love your attitude to all this.

    He may have the quantity, short-term, but you definitely have the quality.


    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-15 @ 8:16 pm


      So true! All he did was ask people to follow him… he didn’t connect with his followers or spend any time tweeting with them, he just didn’t like being behind in numbers. And it gave him something to poke fun at. But that’s ok… it did give us a boost, and we appreciate that aspect of it all.

      Yes, we do have the quality! Just take a look at the people we have here commenting on our blog. That says it all.

      Thanks so much,
      ~ Pat and Lorna

  20. Angel Taylor
    2010-06-19 @ 1:49 am

    That is seriously the funniest thing I’ve seen lately! Jimmy really should work on his jealousy issues lol.

    Oh and you guys are definitely the Coolest Couple!


    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-19 @ 11:42 am


      We’re surprised Jimmy didn’t turn green from envy 🙂 It is funny and it was a lot of fun too, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

      Thanks so much for the kind words!

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  21. Mandee Widrick
    2010-06-20 @ 10:10 pm

    Pat & Lorna,

    This is the first time I’ve been to your blog and I already like you both. Lots of great content, and what’s this, a Twitter war with Jimmy Kimmel?!! You’ve already started my brain to spinning and I’m trying to think of a creative way to get some rockin’ PR like you guys obviously did. SO cool!!

    Looking forward to more from the coolest couple. 🙂


    • Pat & Lorna
      2010-06-22 @ 8:04 pm


      Thank you so much for dropping by… and for the kind words.
      Oh yes, the opportunities for PR are endless… we’re sure you’ll come up with a way cool idea.
      Look forward to it… and connecting with you more often.

      ~ Pat and Lorna

  22. Pat & Lorna
    2010-06-22 @ 7:52 pm


    So glad we can make you laugh and teach you something too!
    No, we didn’t win in Jimmy’s time frame, but hey… we didn’t say it was over yet 🙂

    ~ Pat and Lorna

  23. Sunny James
    2011-08-23 @ 3:29 pm

    the secret is in the proper branding