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  1. Raena Lynn
    2011-04-15 @ 4:34 pm

    Hi Pat and Lorna,
    Thanks for introducing me to Barbara Silva. The tip to just listen to people sounds too simple. It isn’t! Most of the time we are wondering what the next thing we are going to say instead of stopping and letting the other person speak their mind. Barbara said to really listen.

    I just got back from the bank and asked a the clerk how was she doing and I shut my mouth. She said fine, then I made a statement about how nice and warm it was outside and she told me she didn’t have to work next week. She seemed pretty excited. Then after that she told me about going to Seattle and it might be raining and she is going to see their friend’s new baby etc. etc. She was so kind to me. It work! I’m going to have fun practicing everywhere I go! Thanks a lot!

    Raena Lynn


    • Pat & Lorna
      2011-04-17 @ 9:11 am


      It is so cool how your conversation with the bank clerk was so much better just from listening to her. Let us know how your “practicing” goes!

      ~ Pat and Lorna


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