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  • Craft Your Message so They Want to Buy
    So, why do you think people buy the things they do? Is it the amount of stuff they get, the amazing sales copy, or maybe the “sale price”?While all that can help sway their decision, it isn’t going to be “it” for them. And that applies to your product or service too.And if those aren’t
  • Get Comfortable With Selling to Get More Sales
    We totally understand that it isn’t everyone’s goal to become a salesperson. In fact, you may hate selling with a passion. But if you’re brand is going to be successful, or even survive, you will have to sell something… maybe even more than one thing 🙂 And while making a profit keeps your business afloat,
  • One Funnel Will Not Make Your Personal Brand a Success
    Despite the claims of so many marketers out there:One funnel will NOT make your personal brand a success. After all, not everyone that uses the same funnel or strategy has the same success. In fact, holding on to the belief that a funnel is the key to success could keep you constantly searching only to
  • Consistent Revenue Comes With Systems
    You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Make money while you sleep.” Well, if your brand is set up to run while you’re not there, that can actually happen. And if you need to take some time off or work on some super-important things, you can do that while the “operational” stuff keeps running on it’s own.
  • The First Step to Revenue Generation
    It goes without saying that no one can buy something they don’t know about. So while there may be tons of people out there wanting to buy your product or service, they won’t until they know it’s available and what it will do for them. And in case you haven’t noticed, there are a shit-load
  • Is it Time to Reinvent Y.O.U.
    The only constant is change. And our world is definitely in the middle of a shift right now. It used to be that everyone’s advice was to go to college and get a good “secure” job, but that’s not so true anymore. Not only is there no guarantee of a job when you come out
  • Want to Connect with Other COOL Connected Entrepreneurs?
    Humans like community. If we don’t feel like we belong somewhere then we feel incomplete. Not having any support or other people to connect with when you are working on your brand can lead to a feeling of going it alone. The cool thing is you don’t have to go anywhere to connect with like-minded
  • A Few Things You Didn't Know About The Coolest Couple
    We had so much fun answering these 5 questions.Yeah, it was really cool! We would LOVE to know what your answers are – leave a comment and let us
  • The Art of Focusing on Your Own Shit
    A distracted mind is totally useless when it comes to making serious progress on creating your personal brand. So, how do you make real progress and become successful? Focus on your own shit! Your brand is about your expertise… about what you know. Copying other people’s stuff is a sure way to get lost in
  • You Are or Aren't Your Brand?
    So you’re going to start your own personal brand.Does that mean you are the brand? That all depends on what a brand really is. It used to be that a brand was simply the ads we saw on TV or heard on the radio.It was all about the ads and the hype. All people had
  • Your Tribe
    Your tribe is the most important part of your personal brand. And they’re not only your customers, they’re also the ones that believe in and promote the heck out of your brand. So how do you know who these wonderful people are? There are two ways to look at this: Who is the PERSON that
  • What is a B.R.A.N.D.?
    Get Our B.R.A.N.D. Action Sheet So what is a BRAND? Let’s look at it this way: B = BasisAsking powerful questions to establish the foundation of your brand; from who your customers are to where and when to market. R = ReflectionIt’s like looking into a mirror. Your brand reflects who you are. A =
  • Your Personal Brand Is NOT Just All Business
    Get Our “Big Picture Overview” and the 3 Parts It’s a misconception that who you are has absolutely nothing to do with your online personal brand. After all, it’s a brand and that means business, right? A personal brand is not just all about the business side of things. In fact, it’s so much more.
  • Getting Started on Your Personal Brand Isn't Overwhelming
    Check this out:Getting started on creating your successful personal brand does NOT lead to overwhelm. Say what? Yep… truth. In fact, holding on to the belief that you’re going to be totally overwhelmed could keep you from getting started at all. There isn’t any “magic pill” for creating a personal brand. It’s about finding a
  • How Do You Get Noticed?
    Have you ever found something online and really connected with the person delivering it? So much so you said, “OMG! Why didn’t I find this sooner!” The thing is, it wasn’t the information they were delivering; you could probably find hundreds of people providing the same thing. It was the messenger. Think you’re not going
  • The Biggest Mistakes People Make in Creating a Personal Brand
    We all make mistakes and hopefully we learn something from them. But learning from the mistakes others have made is even better;. getting the lesson you need without having to make the mistake first. When starting up an online personal brand there are a few common mistakes people make. But because there’s so much stuff
  • Creating a Personal Brand is NOT Complicated
    We’re going to tell you something you probably thought could not be true:Creating your own successful personal brand is NOT complicated. In fact, holding on to the belief that it is complicated could keep you from getting started at all. Instead you need to focus on using the basics, along with some leverage, to make
  • What is a Personal Brand? Part 2
    What is personal branding and why should you care? Well, as we discussed in our last video…Personal branding is definitely NOT just one thing, it has many parts to it.Cool graphics alone are not a personal brand. And while it may seem like it does… putting out some content, building a funnel, or understanding all
  • What is a Personal Brand? Part 1
    What is personal branding and why should you care? Well, let’s start with what it isn’t…Personal branding is definitely NOT just one thing, it has many parts to it.You can’t just put some cool graphics together and say you have a personal brand. And it’s not just content, funnels, or technical voodoo that makes up
  • Why We Started The Coolest Couple
    What’s in a name? Sometimes nothing at all. Sometimes it actually has some meaning; either just for the person who came up with the name, or it can mean something to almost everyone. When it comes to naming your personal brand you can go so many different ways. You can use your name, as so