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My name is Margaret Adamson.  This testimonial is for Pat Shanks, who I met while taking an online course to become a certified life coach.

As a 65 year old retiree, I realized that I was lacking the computer skills that I needed to build a second career with a website on the internet.  Since I do not easily understand technology, I needed a patient, supportive, down-to-earth coach and consultant combo.

Pat demonstrated during Coaching Cognition classes, Marketing Funnel Mastery webinars, Skype conversations and Facebook interactions that he has extensive technological knowledge, online business experience and a big heart for helping people.    When I hired Pat, it took only the first session to confirm that Pat truly is a giver, who goes the extra mile.

As a great listener, he was able to ask me the questions that clarified what skills I needed to start with so that I could take simple, immediate steps.  Once some of the overwhelm and anxiousness was taken away, he helped me work at a plan that targeted more long term goals. I really appreciated that he is a natural teacher, because as a visual learner, I understood more easily when Pat shared screens and was willing to spend the time to walk me through applications and skills. Pat so aptly would also introduce new ways to be more organized or efficient.

I definitely can say that during each session, Pat gives you the feeling that he never judges and that he has so much more he knows and is willing to share. Your time and money will be well spent and honored by Pat, for he is a resource that I know I will continue to use and recommend to others.

Pat really walks the talk – with his core values on his sleeve!

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