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Liz Curlett

Liz Curlett

“Where do you go when you don’t even know what question to ask? Pat & Lorna! They have accumulated an amazing body of knowledge; marketing in general, yes, but more specifically behavior based web design, and technical platform know-how about Kartra. They were able to identify a simple fix to an issue I was unaware existed with the URL for my home page (this would have cost me customers if not identified)! No matter if you are trying to integrate with other tools, build an overall strategy for your business, or migrate from another system(s) – from initial talk to lights in, Pat & Lorna are a powerhouse. Highly Recommended!”

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Pat & Lorna
A Couple of Cool Peeps
Also known as “The Coolest Couple”, we’re passionate about helping others succeed in their online business. To do that we share COOL tips, tools, and knowledge, along with the wisdom of some very COOL people. Everything we deliver is designed to take the sting out of getting started, simplify technology or increase productivity and profitability. If it isn’t COOL, it’ll never make it here.

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