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“Thank you for saving me from the serious potential for information overwhelm, and for saving my sanity and all the benefits my family has had! Instead of spending hours searching for information I know I kept somewhere, such as finding a homework expert I met once on Twitter, I have the information I need at my fingertips and readily accessible. My business was getting to a stage where my contacts and files could become totally unmanageable. Instead of spending hours on information storage and retrieval I can spend that time with my family enjoying life! Not only that, I have the comfort and security of knowing that nothing I want to access later is lost. Thank you for saving my time, my sanity and making all of this fun! I love knowing exactly where everything is, and to be able to quickly retrieve information in any format, whether it is in print, on a website or on my computer.” ~ Jacqueline Green Jacqueline Green


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Pat & Lorna
A Couple of Cool Peeps
Also known as “The Coolest Couple”, we’re passionate about helping others succeed in their online business. To do that we share COOL tips, tools, and knowledge, along with the wisdom of some very COOL people. Everything we deliver is designed to take the sting out of getting started, simplify technology or increase productivity and profitability. If it isn’t COOL, it’ll never make it here.

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