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Hi! I'm Lorna…

Lorna Shanks
Lorna Shanks

…and one-half of “The Coolest Couple”.

For most of my life I watched my father run his own successful business and was inspired to do the same. I saw that although there was hard work involved it did create the freedom for him to spend time with us on his own schedule.

Although I loved the idea of the freedom that my own business would provide, I still decided to spend some time in the corporate world. While I was there I soon realized that it wasn't “what” I was doing that nattered to me, it was the people and who I could help along the way.

So it's no surprise that my passion is seeing others succeed in creating their own amazing business from a cool idea and achieving their lifestyle freedom through that business.

To feed my passion (and his), my husband, Pat, and I have studied many courses from personal growth to marketing (and everything in between), sorted through the good, the bad and the ugly and have come up with the framework of what can really work for online entrepreneurs.

Co-founding was a great way to share this knowledge, and I must admit I'm having a blast with our brand. The coolest part is being able to share my passion for growing entrepreneurship – it's so cool watching others succeed!

And of course the new tips, tricks and tools I discover and the cool people I meet through is awesome! I continually discover new interests and talents that let me share more valuable insights with inspiring entrepreneurs.

So the one thing Pat and I felt compelled to instill in our three children is that they can do whatever inspires them and fuels their passion. They are out there right now doing just that!

Pat and I are living in the home in which we raised our family in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.