Abundance Vs. Scarcity… It’s All About Our Mindset

Most people believe there are finite resources from which we all share… and that the more we have, the less others have (or vice versa). This scarcity thinking is holding us back as individuals and as a society.

What we find truly important in life, is to replace this scarcity mindset with that of abundance. And that is what it truly is… a mindset.

From the side of scarcity, people say things like:
“I can’t afford it.”
“I just don’t have any options.”
“I never have enough time to pursue my ideal life.”

Abundant thinking says:
“How can I afford this?”
“I know I have unlimited options, I just need to find a way to realize them.”
“How can I create more space so I have time to pursue my passions?”

Basically, it is how you look at the world… scarcity is limited, and abundance is limitless.

It’s our choice… to view life abundantly, to think and act abundantly and eliminate our fear of loss and scarcity. We do have a choice… and that’s what it’s all about… choice. It’s up to us as to what our lives are like… vibrantly abundant or minimized by the fear of not having enough, and that others have what we want but cannot have ourselves.

The path to overcoming the myth of scarcity is for us to realize and accept the abundant nature of our environment and of our potential as creative beings. It is up to us… we create the reality of abundance or the fear of lack and scarcity.

How perfect that this is the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. This is the time of year when people focus on what they have to be thankful for… they focus on the abundance they have in their lives.

Our challenge… make this thankful, grateful, abundance-focused mindset one that lasts all year long. Then watch what starts to show up in your life… it’s amazing what a shift in your mindset can create.

If you’re already there… in a mindset of abundance… fantastic! Keep it up and help to show others what we can accomplish in our lives and in our world when we focus on abundance.

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